Sunflowers and Sonics


Kurtis Ray


For the first installment under 8:61 PM, we are sharing a piece of our good friend Kurtis Ray in the form of improvisational music and sunflower memorabilia. Hailing from North County San Diego, Kurtis is a jazz performer by trade amongst many other sound and art dialects.

"Staying in the eternal now brings us closer to nature. You can practice this in any activity you do. Even “mindless” mundane activities. When you allow creative endeavors to enter the everyday activity, you have no choice but to allow your instincts to take course. This is the realization that no thoughts are original, and we are gifted energy from the universe, improvisation is allowing that energy to take its purest form. The Sunflower REPRESENTS blossoming.

A flower blossoms organizally. Improvisation is the same way. Imagery of the flower represents the lotus of Buddha. This is my world view and my philosophy of art. The animals in my yard are constantly in the instinctive dance of improvisation. The music being made reflects the rhythms of this space. Interspecies Collaboration sort of speak.”

- Kurtis Ray for 861pm

Monday Nov 5 2018